Jesus Wants to Build “All In” Believers!


Today Pastor Beck shared part 2 of a multi-part message titled ‘All In’.

I don’t know about you, but I can struggle to figure out at times what is ‘All In’ for Josh Taylor?

What is it for you?

After two weeks of this series, let me say I am pumped about truly committing to being ‘All In’!

The fun thing about being ‘All In’ at Family Church means I am signing up for something bigger than me.

Something I may never get a reward for.

It demands that I commit to getting out of my own way and letting God

Will You Fight For Your God Given Dream?

Director of Development

2014-06-26 10.54.49

I don’t know about you but I want to see my dreams fulfilled.

So many times I have failed to reach my dreams.

When I look back at those times I have realized something pretty important.

I changed my dream and it wasn’t my goal to change my dream.

I let outside circumstances, opinions and fears change my dreams.

My dreams were still there but other voices became too loud to ignore.

Aly and I have been talking lately about defining our dreams and goals.

We are truly at the place where we are running hard after our dreams.

This time we have purposed we will not be thrown off by things and dreams we aren’t even interested in chasing.

We believe God has given us our dreams and goals.

If your dream isn’t from God then I would encourage you to discard that dream and get a God given dream.

Those dreams keep you running when you’re tired.

God given dreams aren’t easily distracted.

Define your dream.

Write it.

Work toward it.


Have a great Thursday! Keep Dreaming.

Why You Should Attend An ‘All In’ Gathering!

Director of Development


This weekend we had our first two of six ‘All In’ gatherings with our new Lead Pastors Beck and Jodi Payne.

If you missed this weekend but want to an opportunity to listen to Pastor Beck share his vision for Family Church then you have 2 meetings left.

The two meetings for this coming weekend are already full!

For those who are thinking what in the world happens at these meetings let me take the edge off.

Everyone arrives between 5:45 and 6:00 and then you are welcomed by one of the staff members of Family Church.

Then Pastor Beck shares his vision and passion for about 25 minutes.

You then have the option to ask questions and engage with Pastor Beck in a much smaller group than on a Sunday morning.

Both meetings this weekend were great and gave us an opportunity to hear Pastor Beck’s heart for Family Church and our community of Ouachita Parish.

I encourage you to sign up of for one of the remaining meetings.

You can do that by clicking HERE!

What’s Your Capacity?

Director of Development

Overloaded extension cord

Ever spent time around people who like to say no?

I for one am not a no kind of guy. I like to say yes and I like to hear yes.

I want to give myself the best opportunity to achieve YES.

Here are a few things that most people go through in order to arrive at a YES or NO answer:

  1. Am I interested?
  2. How much time?
  3. Is there a cost?

I believe these are good but not the most important questions.

Think about this.

Capacity – the facility or power to produce, perform, or deploy.

When someone asks me to help them dream or talk about how to sell something it does not even register as work for me.

That task takes almost no emotional capacity from me. I love it. It makes me a better person every time I get to practice it.

However, if someone asks me to help make a detailed plan for getting all their schedules combined into one, that is as if you just said carry this 50lb weight.

Possible? Yes. Can I carry that weight and the others I already agreed to?

Those things I can do. However they take a great deal out of my tank.  It is way outside my natural gift mix.

I need to polish those areas of my life and become better at them but they are in no way life giving.

Here are the questions that run through my head now when offered an opportunity:

  1. What category does this fall in?
  2. Am I overloaded in that category?
  3. Do I have the physical time to participate?

Time is still a necessity when looking at opportunities. I would argue it may not be the most important thing.

Too often we let ‘time’ say no when gift mix would say yes. Gift mix would say that it could be a kingdom work.

A positive work. But because we have not managed our time we have to pass up an opportunity that is for us.

A great philosopher, Paul Trichel once said, “We can do anything, we just can’t do everything.”

In the end, I have one requirement which is to Love God with ALL of me.

Learning to approach opportunities with my capacity in mind instead of only consulting my schedule has changed my life in this area.

The reality is I need to be able to say yes. If I can organize my life I can say yes more often and enjoy it.

Podcast Ep: 036 Why Vulnerability is A Must

Fragile Love

In this week’s podcast episode I share with you about vulnerability.

In my life it has become a must. I believe we need more of it in our friendships, families and most certainly our marriages.

I hope you enjoy the podcast episode.

If you have any questions please email me at!


Life’s Greatest Question

Is it Life's Greatest Question
This is a guest post by Jim Akers. Jim is an author, encourager and incredible mentor. You can read his blog here. You can also follow him on Twitter.

What do you think of questions? Would you rather be asking the questions or be asked questions?

What is it about questions that either make us beam with confidence or shutter in fear?

Our mind once challenged with a question never retreats to its previous state. Questions stir emotion because they make us think, expose gaps in our knowledge, push us to accountability, and fuel growth and development.

A few years ago my niece, Katherine, was staying with us. Nine at the time, she was going to bed, and asked my wife, “What if I need you?”

My wife reminded Katherine that she was just

Pastoral Change From a Preacher Kid’s View

Director of Development

Josh and Beck at E3 80's Night

This weekend our church celebrated our new Lead Pastor.

That’s right, we celebrated. Unlike most pastoral changes, this was a celebration.

You see, when the leader of a church is dead-set in a desire to honor God, it gives the people of God opportunities to celebrate when others would be split.

Pastor O’Neal set out 37 years  ago to honor God.

So many of us struggle to see months down the road, much less 37 years down the road.

From a 20 person, 4 family beginning, to the Family Church we know now.

None of which would be possible if a man had not committed