When Belief Triggers Action

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You truly believe. You have taken steps internally that make you uncomfortable.

So far there has not been any outward action. The biggest and first step is simply convincing yourself it is worthwhile to risk emotional pain.

What happens now? I have a pile of belief and I feel really uncomfortable. What do I do?

Are You Willing To Be Hurt for Believing?

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I don’t know about you but I am not fond of experiencing pain. Be that physical or emotional.

When I look at my willingness to believe something is going to happen it is directly tied to my perception of possible pain.

As you start your week out I encourage you to believe in something.

Believe in something enough that you could be wrong.

Believe in someone so much that you are exposed to the chance of them letting you down.

Believe in God moving on your behalf so much that you might look silly.

I want to believe so hard that I take out the what ifs when it comes to God.

Test yourself. Believe today.

Podcast Ep: 010 How Parents Undermine Training In Discipline

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Podcast Ep: 009 Parents undermining training in discipline

Re-Post from February 2014 on Parenting

This Podcast Episode Brenda Worley talks about a fun subject that many of you parents will identify with.

Here are the three main points:

-Threatening and Repeating


-Negotiating in Conflict


Women Wear Panties, Men Wear Briefs

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“Women Wear Panties, Men Wear Briefs”

This is a post we shared with you in November of last year. Had quite a few comments about it so here it is again! Share with someone you think would enjoy!

If the title of today’s post catches your attention, and causes you to wonder where in the world that thought could have come from, then I really encourage you to be with us at Family Church on Sunday mornings. You never know the sorts of deep theological revelations you may miss when you are not in attendance; such as the above revelatory remark made by Pastor O’Neal on November 10th.

Although the comment was funny, and quite unexpected, how many of us have not had our mothers admonish us on a regular basis during our childhood

3 Ways a Newlywed Husband Can Please His Spouse

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Beck, take this first year of marriage and really focus on your marriage.” Those were words of biblical counsel given to me by my late mentor, Billy Hornsby, as I approached my upcoming marriage with Jodi nearly 13 years ago. Unfortunately, those were words I did not heed as I should have during that first newlywed year. Yes, I wanted to have a godly marriage, but my focus may have been more zeroed in on other responsibilities and dreams such as entering “full-time ministry.” I, excuse me, WE paid a dear price our first year of marriage simply because I didn’t take the time to make marriage my main earthly, relational priority.

“A newly married man must not be drafted into the army or be given any