Head of School at Claiborne Christian School


This upcoming generation is in a battle for their very lives. We are constantly hit with news about the fact that this generation is all of the following:

  • They are heavier than previous generations with many already considered obese.
  • They are more distracted with technology constantly in front of them causing them to fail to develop empathy.
  • They are lazier with many of them not wanting to work hard.
  • They are entitled and believe they already deserve what they haven’t earned.

The list could go on and on of all the dangers and pitfalls attacking this generation and defining their struggles. I want to add one to the list that I think speaks to nearly all of these. It also is the one that many of them are learning from us–their role models!

They have little to no margin in their lives– just like their parents, pastors, mentors, and leaders.

Richard Swenson wrote a wonderful book called “Margin” to discuss this topic. He

Just Love – Children’s Minister | Candice Howard

Repair home

I was sitting at the back of the room, and I hear the question being asked from the front, “How do you share Jesus with other people?” A complex web of answers comes to my mind.

The husband and wife team of missionaries from Guatemala are telling our elementary students how we can all be missionaries – by bringing the message of Jesus Christ to the world. Rolando and Erin have been sharing for the past 30 minutes their stories of traveling for days, trekking by foot up mountains, wading through infested waters, being persecuted and punished, all in the name of Jesus.

“How do you share Jesus with other people?” Rolando asks again in Spanish while his wife, Erin, translates. I’m thinking I’ve never gone through such trials and tribulations to tell others about my Lord. I’ve never even gone outside of Louisiana to tell others about my Savior.

Rolando continues, “You hug your grandmother or grandfather. You show them you love them.” That web of answers spinning in my head freezes. “You share your piece of chocolate with

Podcast Ep: 057 Intro To ‘God Is’ Feb 1st @ Family Church


This is the introduction message to our current series, God Is.

Below you will find the outline from Pastor Beck’s message.

Scripture: Hosea 4:1-7
The greatest journey you and I will ever dare to embark on is the journey towards knowing who God is.

As we observe the world in which we live, it doesn’t take long to see that our society, families, and lives are being destroyed because people do not know who God is.

As long as people don’t know who God is:

  •   They will never know what true life is.
  •   They will never know who they could be.
  •   They will never know what God is like or understand what God expects.Thankfully, God has graciously revealed to us who He is through

Scared of Being Hurt? Is that Selfish – I think YES! Read below…

griff olinde

This is a Guest Post by Nicki Olinde. She is wife to Chad, mom to Griff, teacher, leader and now foster mom. You can catch up with her on Instagram or contact her by Email at

“You need to make sure you have a lice kit on hand; inspect any belongings they bring for tiny critters.” This was one of the warnings we received during our training to become certified foster parents.

So, we were prepared. Just like I was prepared before our son was born 16 years ago. I had cassette tapes recorded with perfect labor and deliver music and a well-thought-out birth plan. So, yeah, despite my preparation, NOTHING went according to plan, and I quickly realized that many things were out of my control.

Last week, the extra room was ready, all recommended supplies on hand, a new stuffed animal on the bed to comfort a nameless, faceless hurting child. Still, as we stood on the porch waiting for the caseworker to “make the drop,” we were overwhelmed with all of the unknowns, again things that were completely out of our control.

My mind raced with questions: Would he be sad, angry? Would he run to us or run from us? What is his favorite color? Would he like my cooking? Wait, I don’t cook.

Then, the side door of that mini-van opened, and EVERYTHING seemed to grow quiet and still. I remember the same exact feeling when I lay on the C-section table and heard Griffith’s muffled little cry for the first time. It was as though the world stood still and my heart was flooded with this supernatural love, joy, & peace in an instant. Last Tuesday, when I saw that little face grinning at me, when his skinny little five-year-old

Self- Discipline Isn’t Convenient – Zac Case


Self-discipline feels like self-punishment.

It’s all about sacrificing what I want to do for what I have to do.  British biologist Thomas Huxley once said, “It’s making myself do the thing I have to do, when it ought to be done, whether I like it or not.”

That doesn’t sound fun at all. But, self-discipline isn’t about convenience; it’s a commitment.

Honestly, it’s not all that difficult to make a commitment. We make countless ones a day. I commit to paying a bill. I commit eating healthier. I commit to driving the speed limit.

What’s difficult is keeping and managing that commitment. The real work begins after the commitment is made and the deadlines and demands start approaching.

Self-discipline is the price I pay to keep my commitment. Self-discipline is

Podcast Ep: 056 How To Be A Part Of Transformed


In just under two weeks we kick off our new small group series, Transformed.

For many of us we get scared of getting lost in the mix.

Many questions come with a new kick off like this like, how do I get in a group? What if I don’t know anyone? Do I need to host a group?

Well we hope in this podcast you get the answers to those questions.

In the coming weeks you will also receive emails that help you connect to groups and hosts that are looking for people to be a part of their small group.

If there is still a question that you cannot find the answer to then please don’t hesitate to contact Renea Taylor at

Now, all you have to do is press play below to hear more info from Executive Pastor Terry Taylor.


What is The Drop Box? |Adoption | Orphanage


In a creative team meeting which is led by Pastor Arvil Ogle, we were talking about upcoming services at FC. As the team was preparing for this week’s message, God is Love, there was a great deal to talk about.

The talk of Love came up as we continued to discuss our current series, ‘God Is’. Pastor Beck asked us if we had seen the Drop Box video.  A few of us had seen it and the conversation moved on to discuss the next few weeks services.

This video and topic has stayed with me since then for a couple reasons. One, of course Aly and I are eagerly anticipating the birth of our very own baby. A baby that we have the opportunity to be parents to because the birth mom chose life.

The other is the fact that I cannot imagine what this full movie will be. The clip you will see in a second is just a glimpse. The man in the video talks about a mom wanting to poison her and her baby.

As our apartment has continued to be filled with clothes for our little girl I have continued to think of how or where the Drop Box video could be used. Today, Pastor Beck shared a message about God is Love. When you watch this video you can’t help but see that this is indeed love.

Watch this video:

If for some reason you do not see the option to press play in the video above, CLICK HERE to play.

You guys, let’s go love.

The Lies We Believe – Student Minister – Zac Case

zac case lies we believe

Throughout our lives, we become experts at convincing ourselves of reasons why we can’t accomplish certain things.

Truthfully, if we were really honest with each other, we would acknowledge that most of our reasons are fueled by insecurities and fear.

Have you ever told yourself one of the following?

“I’m not strong enough.”

“I’m not talented enough.”

“I’m not pretty enough.”

“I’m not good enough.”

“I’m not holy enough.”

Honestly, enough is enough.

Our world is full of disciples of Jesus who have believed these lies and crippled