Ever Thought About The Morning After Easter ?

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“Wow! I sure am glad that is over with!” Have you ever made that statement? Of course you have. I have, too. We experience all sorts of situations throughout our lives that cause us to take a long and deep breath of relief once they are over.

As a student, it was likely final exams. As a mother, it could have been the experience of child birth. As we grow older, there continue to be situations that, once over, bring a sense of relief that we have made it through – sometimes victoriously, sometimes just stronger for the experience.

We even feel that sense of relief for those we care about, and experience deep life with. Whatever point you may be at in life, you know the feelings I am explaining. You have to. We have each experienced them.

Easter, What’s it matter to you?

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Dramatic Panorama Easter Sunday Morning Sunrise With Cross On Hill

In mere hours Jesus would be gathering with the disciples for the last supper. A last supper where he would break bread and drink with his disciples.

Dinner would include feast and famine. Feast in the form of communication with his closest allies. Famine in the harshest way as he would let them know that they would deny him and sell him for gold.

As I have truly thought about this week and each day I have felt such a weight about what transpired. The only way I can identify with this is as Aly and I walked through her cancer treatment.

On Tuesday and Wednesday right as Aly was feeling ok I knew

The Humility of Christ

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humility of christ

As we look back at what today was like in the week leading up to Easter we see that this was the day Jesus entered and cleansed the Temple.

The day after His triumphant entry into Jerusalem Jesus makes His way back into the city. He heads straight for the Temple where He proceeds to turn over tables and chairs of the moneychangers.

“Jesus was cleansing the Temple which challenged the Jewish leadership complicit with and likely benefitting from this glaring corruption of devotion to Israel’s covenant keeping God. The chief priests, scribes, and leaders begin looking for a way to destroy Jesus.” (The Final Days of Jesus)

Jesus knew that he had to cleanse the Temple. He also knew

The Final Days of Jesus

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Have you ever tried to envision the last days of Jesus’ life here on earth?

I am in the middle of reading The Final Days of Jesus. This book chronicles those final days by using scriptures found in the Gospels, and then giving commentary.

I’ve grown up in church, so the Easter story is one I feel I know well. I have never actually identified with the process, though.

Jesus knew what was coming. He knew that Judas would betray Him. He knew that Peter

What He MUST Be For Me – Part 1

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If one were to ask the women in a room full of people whether think chivalry is still active today among most young men, the majority of answers would likely be a resounding “NO!” Why is this the case?

I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that our culture has stopped demanding that boys grow into men. The standard has been lowered, thus creating a generation of men who have learned to simply conform to the status quo, rather than being transformed into authentic men of God.

When we think about knights, oftentimes what comes into our

3 Ways to Damage Your Teenager – Part 2

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A few months ago, I wrote about three guaranteed ways to damage teenagers: allowing duplicity, disengagement, and divorce to have a place in your family and, therefore, your teen’s life.

In addition, I’d like to suggest three more guaranteed ways to further damage teenagers: allowing yourself to belittle or talk down to them, failing to correct and discipline them, and allowing authority to be dishonored either directly or indirectly in your home.

Again, nobody (in their right mind) sets out to intentionally damage the very souls that God entrusted to them to help mold, shape, and nurture. None of us wake up one day and says, “Hey, I think I will make a few decisions that I know will damage my teenage son or daughter.”

Our decisions, good or bad, DO directly affect the ones that we have brought into this world. This should compel us to live our lives wisely and completely reliant upon the Lord for help.

So here are three more guaranteed ways to damage teenagers:

Belittle or talk down to them.

Nothing may damage a teenager more than the wounds that come through harsh, hurtful, and angry words spoken by a parent.

You’ve heard the old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?” Well, that old saying couldn’t be further from the truth!

Words, hurtful words, can leave long, lasting damaging marks in the heart of a teenager that remain for a lifetime!

“Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger by the way you treat them. Rather, bring them up with the discipline and instruction that comes from the Lord.” Ephesians 6:4

“Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise bring healing.” Proverbs 12:18

Fail to correct or discipline them.

“Then the LORD said to Samuel, “I am about to do a shocking thing in Israel. I am going to carry out all my threats against Eli and his family, from beginning to end. I have warned him that judgment is coming upon his family forever, because his sons are blaspheming God and he hasn’t disciplined them. So I have vowed that the sins of Eli and his sons will never be forgiven by sacrifices or offerings.” (I Samuel 3:11-13)

“Discipline your children while there is hope. If you don’t, you will ruin their lives.” (Proverbs 19:18)

Many times we strive harder to be our teenager’s friend before we are parents. There are grave consequences when we fail to discipline our teens. Remember, undisciplined children and teens will grow up to become undisciplined adults.

Allow authority to be dishonored either directly or indirectly in your home.

Talking disrespectfully about your teenager’s teacher, coach, youth pastor, or their mother and father plants seeds of rebellion and strife within their young hearts. This NEVER turns out good!

God takes “honoring authority” VERY seriously and so should we. Remember, “Don’t be misled—you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.” (Galatians 6:7)

And here are 3 more ways to help guard your teenagers:

#1 Watch your words and the spirit in which you speak to them. If you’re too angry, give yourself some time to settle down before you talk to them. Build them up, don’t tear them down.

#2 Be consistent in your discipline. Remember, you discipline them because you love them, understanding what’s best for them.

#3 Watch what you say about authority figures in their lives. Teach them to honor authority. This is a lesson they must learn!

Blessed Are the Merciful

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I have attended a full-gospel church since I was two weeks old. I would never trade that for the alternative.  However, there are struggles that I deal with that are directly tied to that history.  They can be just as damaging as having been raised with no knowledge of the Gospel.  These struggles can interfere with reaching full devotion, and may be harder to overcome than a history of sinful living.

I know this sounds a bit counterintuitive.  If you came to Jesus later in life, you may deal with the guilt of a sinful past, and think that my comments so far make no sense.  I understand that, but let me explain.

If you have accepted the Good News later in life, and have a sinful past to overcome, you more-than-likely have struggled with the guilt of your past.  But guilt inherently means that you understand that you were guilty.  You know that Jesus rescued you from Satan and self, and redeemed you for Himself.

For me, I can’t look back to the contrast of life before and after coming to