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H.O.S.T. a Group in 50 Days of Transformation.

I invite you to H.O.S.T. a group in our upcoming small group campaign – SIGN UP TODAY!!

Sunday morning I invited every believer at Family Church to sign up to H.O.S.T. a small group in March and April. All you need to do is invite two or three friends from work, your neighborhood, or church to be in your group.

H – have a heart for people

O – open your home, workplace, or coffee shop/restaurant

S – serve a snack

T – turn on the DVD

The seven sessions of this TRANSFORMED series include: being transformed in our Spiritual Health, Physical Health, Mental Health, Emotional Health, Relational Health, Financial Health, and Vocational Health.

Your small group can serve as your “life support system.” An astronaut would never go into space without a life support system. A deep-sea diver would never go to the ocean depths without the support

Three Reasons Why My Children Need To See Me Fail – Pastor Beck

payne children

What?! I thought we were supposed to be godly examples to our children!

You are correct in the fact that we are supposed to be godly examples to our children. However, we are supposed to model godliness, not perfection. Big difference.

So, here are three reasons why my children need to see me, their father, fail:

#1 To see my humanity

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow, I wish I could be like so and so; they really seem to have it all together?” When we compare ourselves to others one of two things happens…

We become self-righteous—“I WOULD never do that. I’m better than that.”


We condemn ourselves. “I COULD never do that or become that; therefore, I’m not good enough.”

There are dangers in both.

Imagine Your World If You Resolved To Live Righteously…

Resolve Sermon Recap part 3

Today, our founding pastor, Michael O’Neal shared part 3 of our current series, Resolve.

Imagine with me what your world would be like if you resolved to live righteously.

Think of a few things that would be different in your world.

Here are the first two thoughts Pastor O’Neal gave us:

  1. It’s never too late to make a move toward righteousness!
  2. If you strive to truly live righteously, you will truly live!

Below you will find the entire outline from today’s message.

Also, here are a few questions for you to think about this week as you hopefully make a move toward living righteously.

  1. What personal habits (or lack thereof) are stopping you from taking steps toward living righteously?
  2. Write down the names of two people that would benefit from this change in your life.

Annual Prayer Service At Family Church 2015


Tonight we had our church’s annual prayer service. For so long I would have to admit I just went through the motions of a prayer service. I remember writing a few needs down but certainly not giving it the time it is due.

What a powerful moment to truly go to God with our requests. Taking your thoughts and worries and writing them on paper and taking that step of placing them in a box to be prayed over for an entire year.

For me personally this has taken on a whole new meaning. There are so many hopes and prayers for 2015. I am believing that the things I wrote on my list will happen. I am committing however for those things to not be worries. I want to go to God with these items.

As Pastor Beck said tonight, “You will not wear out God with your prayer and petitions.”

So in 2015 let’s take the step of truly giving God our worries and then use our time to pray to God as we believe for his will to be done in our lives and in these circumstances.

Below you will find a few pictures from last nights service.


Resolve | God First Living | Part 2

Resolve part 2

Starting with this post, we will begin to give you some questions to take away from our Sermon Recaps.

Why? We want you to dig deeper, to take an opportunity for this material to be active in your life past Sunday.

Here are this week’s discussion questions:

  1. Understanding that we must give our best to God, what comes to mind that you will do this week to give God your best?
  2. Giving our talents to God and His people is also a must. What talents could you give to help God’s people in your community this week?

We hope you take the opportunity to truly dig into God’s Word throughout the week.

Each week will be a bit different. We may have a custom sermon recap from a staff member’s point of view. The next, we may have a video recap. No matter what form or fashion, our goal for this is to give you different ways to continue to connect to God.

This week, I have included the outline from Pastor Beck’s message yesterday. Included are

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Tractor Silhouettes

Although there are certain manmade laws upon the earth that can be willingly broken, there are also certain laws in the universe that cannot be overturned or broken. For instance, take the Law of Gravity. Most definitely, “what goes up must come down!”

But there is another particular law that is of the upmost importance — the law of sowing and reaping.

When we read the phrase, “sowing and reaping” we immediately begin to think of it in terms of finances. The Bible certainly teaches about sowing and reaping in the area of finances (2 Corinthians 9), but it also goes beyond that.

How often do we think of the term “sowing and reaping” as it pertains to our words and actions? Do we believe that the words we “sow” into others or say out loud just fall to the ground? Do we believe our actions just go away even after they are played or lived out?

Our words and actions can result in a harvest of great blessings or they can result

Resolve | God First Living | Part 1

Resolve Sermon Recap

Pastor Beck challenged everyone that is a part of Family Church to RESOLVE to live God-First in all of 2015! We all only have one life to live, and the one life we live here on earth will echo throughout eternity.

We all face enemies to “God-first living.” We will be tempted to put ourselves first, put others first and/or put other things before God. 1 John 5:21 states, “Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts.”

God-first living can only flow out of a heart where God is dwelling. Whoever and whatever has your heart – has your life.

Matthew 22:36-40 “Teacher, which is the most important commandment in the law