Hope For The Discouraged – Pastor Beck Payne


James clearly states that in life trouble WILL come our way (James 1:2).  As believers, we will be opposed by the enemy, by the world.  In fact, “life” itself can be very, very difficult.

It is easy to fall prey to doubt, fear, and unbelief.  If we aren’t careful, we can begin to complain, whine, and blame others for our troubles.  If we look at our “troubles” through the proper lens, they can become an opportunity and not just a trouble with no end.

James goes on to say that JOY is something that comes from the inside out, not from our outer circumstances. Our circumstances will constantly change, but joy can remain whether life is good or difficult.

The enemy is after your joy. If he can snatch your joy, he can zap

Podcast Ep: 064 Richard Richardson | Overcomers Part 3


This week on the Fully Devoted Family podcast you get a different voice.

Richard Richardson spoke on Sunday and today you have two different ways you can catch up in case you missed it.

All you have to do is press the play button below and you can listen without interruption to the sermon.

If you prefer to watch the service then we have supplied that also.


The Law Of Sowing and Reaping

Tractor Silhouettes

Although there are certain manmade laws upon the earth that can be willingly broken, there are also certain laws in the universe that cannot be overturned or broken. For instance, take the Law of Gravity. Most definitely, “what goes up must come down!”

But there is another particular law that is of the upmost importance — the law of sowing and reaping.

When we read the phrase, “sowing and reaping” we immediately begin to think of it in terms of finances. The Bible certainly teaches about sowing and reaping in the area of finances (2 Corinthians 9), but it also goes beyond that.

How often do we think of the term “sowing and reaping” as it pertains to our words and actions? Do we believe that the words we “sow” into others or say out loud just fall to the ground? Do we believe our actions just go away even after they are played or lived out?

Our words and actions can result in a harvest of great blessings or they can result

Re-Post | 4 Ways To Help Your Child Navigate Disappointment

Associate Pastor | Music Minister

arvil ogle and kids

— This is one of our most popular post to date here on fullydevotedfamily.com. Pastor Arvil Ogle shared an in the moment post about parenting his then 18 year old son Dylan. Information this good shouldn’t only be seen one time. For all of you that missed it the first time around, here is your chance. I hope you enjoy!

The time had arrived. Dylan, our 18-year-old son, has played basketball since he was 7 years old. This is his senior year.

Almost every season thru these years Dylan played along side his friend Zach. Zach has always been the guy you want on your team. He dominated with his talent and determination. But Zach graduated last May, so it was Dylan’s time to step up.

Dylan’s season started and his first 9 games Dylan played strong! Then on Dec. 13th, during the 10th game of the season, we were in the middle of a SCROOGE performance and I was backstage getting ready to go for my scene…. I get the message

Podcast Ep: 063 Overcoming Adversity | Pastor Beck Payne


We are in the middle of our Overcomers series at Family Church.

Our podcast today is from Sunday, April 12th, as Pastor Beck shared about overcoming adversity.

In case you would rather watch the service, just click below!

Sunday 4.12.15 from Family Church on Vimeo.


Eternal Danger of Parenting Fantasies

Parents Playing Exciting Adventure Game With Children In Summer Field

I spent many years growing up thinking about my future family and what we would be like. I dreamed of perfect children, perfectly dressed, perfectly behaved, and perfectly lined up in a row. I was focused on being the perfect parent, wanting people to tell me what a good mother I was because of how well-behaved my children were. I learned very quickly into parenthood the eternal dangers of my fantasies.

Many times, parents fall into the temptation

Promoting Godliness In Our Children – Prayer


How do we pray for our children? How often do we pray for our children? What do we pray over our children? These questions do not have simple answers.

God takes children seriously, so serious in fact that in Matthew 18:6 Jesus says,

“If you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to have a large millstone tied around your neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

That seems pretty harsh. Are you telling me, that if something I do, or allow my children to do, leads them into sin (not just the obvious big sins: steal, kill, lie, etc.; but also the not so big sins: bad attitudes, half truths, gossip, etc.), then I would be better off killing myself?

First of all, I’m not saying it, God’s Word says it.

So, yes!

God takes the raising of children seriously and so should we. This idea that kids are

Podcast Ep: 062 | Overcomers – Hope Changes Everything | Pastor Beck Payne


What an incredible message of Hope this past Sunday at Family Church. I don’t know about you but I am excited to hear the remaining weeks of this current series, Overcomers- Hope Changes Everything!

Today’s podcast episode is from our service this Sunday as Pastor Beck shared part 1 of Overcomers.

If you simply choose to listen then great, however if you would like to follow along with the notes then they are supplied below.


A Reminder About Easter – The Day After

What an incredible day at Family Church!

This being our first Easter as parents certainly made the day carry a new weight. As Aly and I sat and talked last night, we both sadly acknowledged that we felt we had let our life (a 3 week newborn) dictate some of our schedule leading up to Easter.

We both mentioned that we wish we had done a bit more preparing our hearts for this weekend and especially Sunday.

Very quickly though we realized it wasn’t too late. It’s never too late (if you’re breathing) to make it matter.

So as I have spent time today looking and thinking about this post, I just kept coming back to the idea of what could I do to make sure that the day after Easter isn’t just a day, any normal day?

I have watched quite a few videos from this author, so I decided I would see if he had anything that was good. Sure enough he did.

I encourage you to watch this video and listen to the things Jefferson says. Especially the emphasis that we are being used to make His word come true.

The gospel and the Easter/Resurrection story is really quite simple, and I love how he shows that. You won’t regret watching this!

I hope you enjoyed this, and let’s not forget the part we play and the importance of being a New Creation!

We have the opportunity to live out the Easter story, every day! If you didn’t prepare your heart as you would have wished, start today. The day after Easter. And every day after that.

It’s Easter Weekend! That’s A BIG Deal!

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.34.31 PM

In a few short days we will all break out our fancy pastel clothes, knee-high socks, and suspenders.

Okay, maybe not. So those were the outfits I remember seeing and wearing as a little boy growing up in church. Aly will probably not allow me to wear shorts or knee high socks on Sunday morning. Guess I shouldn’t test that theory.

We will however be there early and ready to welcome the visitors that will show up. Why?

Because Easter is an event to be excited about. This is a weekend we get to celebrate a Risen Lord.

Pastor Beck will kick off a series of messages titled “Overcomers: Hope Changes Everything!”

Here is a short video to give you an idea of why hope is such a big deal –

The message of Easter is HOPE.

Don’t forget – You have 3 more opportunities to join a serve team to reach our local community and invite them to our Easter service.

The times are:

  • Thursday at 6pm
  • Friday at 6pm
  • Saturday at 8:30am

We will meet in the RDFC parking lot and leave in groups from there as we place door hanger Easter invites on homes throughout our community.

It may just be that friendly face they see or just that invitation on their door that makes the difference in their eternity. I say that MATTERS, don’t you?

Let us begin preparing our hearts as we celebrate our RISEN king!