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My wife Aly and I have spent the week teaching the bible classes at Ouachita Christian School, an amazing school that we both graduated from.

There are a large number of reasons why it is funny for me to be back at OCS and of all things, teaching a Bible class. But none the less it has been great.

On Monday and Thursday Aly and I shared/ will share together but on Tuesday and Wednesday, I took the classes by myself.

I walked them through the same process we took the men of Family Church through in Warrior Camp.

It has been a great experience to be able to talk to 16-18 year olds that are in the exact same position I was in almost 11 years ago.

What happened today in a passing conversation caught my attention though.

I was talking with some of the older guys before class started about football at OCS.

I told them that when I first went to school there, I joined the football team and late in the season

I Don’t Want To Live Without You

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Three years ago this past Friday my wife Aly was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Aly and I were incredibly blessed to be able to celebrate her life together on Friday.

We had many conversations during her treatment that looking back now truly blow my mind.

When a spouse is sick there are conversations and thoughts that should never pass through the mind much less the lips.

Many of you have heard of ‘for King & Country’ and their music.

I came across this song and story this weekend and was needless to say, moved.

Here are the lyrics to the song.

What do you do when you don’t get better
Strong arms get to, get to weak to hold her
Oh God give me and just enough strength to make it through
Sleepless this madness is walking me out to the ledge
And stands there beside me shriving out on the edge
Oh God all I, all I ask is a little relief
Just a moment of peace

I don’t want to live without you
I’m not ready to live without you
So let’s dance a little
Laugh a little
Hope a little more
Cause I don’t want to live without you, without you

This thorn in my side
Though it cuts and stings me
As opens these eyes
I’ve never seen so clearly
And oh God I thank you
Cause you bring me to my knees
Back on my knees

I don’t want to live without you
I’m not ready to live without you
So let’s dance a little
Laugh a little
And hope a little more
Yes let us dance a little
Laugh a little
And hope a little more
Cause I don’t want to live without you, without you

I heard a voice from the other side
Singing “hold fast, love last”
As winter turns into summertime
Singing “hold fast, love last”
Heard another voice from the other side
Singing “hold fast, love last”
As winter turns into summertime
Singing “hold fast”

So let’s dance a little
Laugh a little
And hope a little more
Yes let’s dance a little
Laugh a little
And hope a little more
Cause I don’t want to live without you
No, I don’t want to live without you
Without you

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Just Give Me Jesus


The last few days I have had a kids song on my computer playing on repeat. Yes, I said a kids song, but it’s a worship song with words that consume me.

“When I take my eyes off Jesus and confusion starts to win,
When my worries overwhelm me and the battle reaches in”

The last six months for me have been for the most part “overwhelming.” When my family, without plan or notice and literally overnight, went from a family of 4 to a family of 5, life took a toll. Our newborn foster blessing is honestly the most precious baby I have ever laid eyes on, and my heart does flips when I think about the joy he has brought to our lives.

But to say the transition has been bumpy is an understatement. Having a newborn changes the dynamics of a family, no matter how much preparation has been made. Babies are expensive, time consuming, and exhausting.

Going from two kids to three means the adults are outnumbered. And living in 1000 square

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Did you know that all of our services are now right at your fingertips?

Here is Part 1 of our new series, Forward.

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So, now you have no reason to miss a thing!

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Hope For The Discouraged – Pastor Beck


James clearly states that in life trouble WILL come our way (James 1:2).  As believers, we will be opposed by the enemy, by the world.  In fact, “life” itself can be very, very difficult.

It is easy to fall prey to doubt, fear, and unbelief.  If we aren’t careful, we can begin to complain, whine, and blame others for our troubles.  If we look at our “troubles” through the proper lens, they can become an opportunity and not just a trouble with no end.

James goes on to say that JOY is something that comes from the inside out, not from our outer circumstances. Our circumstances will constantly change, but joy can remain whether life is good or difficult.

The enemy is after your joy. If he can snatch your joy, he can zap

Do The Little Things Matter? – Pastor Beck


“Catch all the foxes, those little foxes, before they ruin the vineyard of love, for the grapevines are blossoming!” (Song of Solomon 2:15)

I come from a long family line of athletics and coaching. In fact, as far back as you can go, my family has been involved in playing or coaching athletics.

Before my father became a successful insurance agent, he was a successful football coach. From Farmerville, to Winnfield, to West Monroe High School; wherever he went, he won.

He never had an interview—always offers of hiring him on the spot.

His focus wasn’t just having a winning record, but winning with his players. I believe he was successful because he cared so deeply about his players and he believed so strongly in doing “the little things right.”

Even after entering the insurance industry, he continued to get calls and offers from programs from within our state and abroad. When a principal would call to ask my father to come look at their school, Dad would always detour to the bathrooms.

You might ask, “Why would he do that?” He would go see how the bathrooms were kept up. If they didn’t have enough pride to take care of their bathrooms, then they didn’t have enough pride in their school—they didn’t know how to win. He would call the principal and decline their meeting.

I’ve also been coached by some other legendary coaches. One in particular was big on “doing the little things right.” When we would finish football practice, we were expected to have everything picked up — from our equipment, to showers turned off, to stools put up, and so on.

One day I remember coming in from practice and somebody had left out one stool from the previous day. Guess what? The whole team ran until we couldn’t run anymore! Guess what else? Nobody ever left their stool out again.

The point in all of this?

My dad and these other coaches were trying to teach discipline, winning, and thinking “team” concepts. If you couldn’t learn to pick up your stuff after practice, then what if you missed that key block in a tight game? What if you slacked up the last few minutes of the fourth quarter?

We were being taught that there was no “I” in team. We were being taught that for every little thing we missed, forgot, or wanted to do our “own way” would affect the team as a whole. Think this is ridiculous? Go look at their records and also the people they coached. They weren’t only teaching athletic concepts but “life concepts”.

This parallels so much in the Kingdom of God. There are certainly small things we shouldn’t sweat, but far too many times we as Christians miss the “small things.”

We need to realize that we are responsible not only for our lives, but for others as well. We make up a “body.” Our choices and decisions affect the body as a whole. Every decision we make affects our spouses and our children. It’s the small things that go so far.

One of the reasons Chick Fil A is “set apart” from other fast food restaurants is that they excel in doing “the small things” not just right, but GREAT!

When I was in the insurance business, a large part of my market was churches and believers. There was one mega church where every single staff member I called on, not only returned my call, but did so within 24 hours. When I had the opportunity to brag on this church and staff, they told me they are all given 24 hours to return calls.

They obviously were big on “doing the little things right.”

Doing the little things right goes so far!

  • Picking up the small piece of litter in the parking lot that others have walked past.
  • Picking up the ticket at lunch instead of splitting it.
  • Leaving a sweet note for your spouse before you head off to work.
  • Returning phone calls and emails promptly, and being thorough.

NOT doing the “small things” can have a reverse affect as well.

  • Leaving the TV show on “a bit longer” when we know we should turn it off.
  • Allowing a “small piece of anger” in our hearts to turn into unforgiveness.
  • Small things not dealt with in our marriage that turn into large things over time.
  • Allowing a “small” attitude issue to squeeze by in our children instead of disciplining them. Over time that small attitude issue turns into a big problem.

You see, the small things really can matter in our lives. What are some of the “small things” you could do today that would make a “big difference?”