3 Reasons why I’m Tired of Being SELFISH

Director of Development

In the last year it has become clear to me that I am selfish. Selfish with my time, money and talent.

Just realizing I’m selfish would not have changed anything most likely. Realizing that I was missing out on relationships with friends and real joy with my wife was enough to cause change.

Reason #1 – I’m Tired of being SELFISH because I have missed out on a lot of great moments with Aly.  I was too busy having great moments alone or on my terms.

Go experience something great with your spouse that means the world to them.

This weekend Aly and I ran in the Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon. That is 13.1 Miles.

I am not a runner. Aly asked if I would run with her and two of her friends. That ended up being just Aly and I.

I may not be a runner, but I love Aly. Finishing that 1/2 marathon and then seeing Aly right as she finished.

That is pure joy. Pure joy I would have missed out on trying to hunt one more day of hunting season.

Reason #2 – I am tired of the pressure to constantly achieve alone. Achievement with a group is 10x more enjoyable than sitting on the mountain alone.

Think of either your most fun memories or the most memorable times you can think of and chances are you weren’t alone.

If you were alone during your greatest memories then it’s time you went and made some better memories with the people you care about.

Reason #3 – I am simply not willing to look back and realize that my life was all about me. It is imperative that Aly lives out her dreams.

Too many times I fear that some of Aly’s potentially most memorable times have been sacrificed to my wants.

EVALUATION: So how do you measure if you’re selfish?

Look at your time. Do you get to do what you want when you want?

Look at your wallet. Do you spend your family’s money mostly on your hobbies?

Look at your vacations. Are they shaped around your hobbies and other activities?

ACTION: So now that you realize that you are Selfish, what do you do?

Tell someone. Your wife or husband. A close friend. Someone that is willing to ask you how you are doing.

Now that you have identified some areas you want to change, you need to change them. Eliminate ‘you’ time and create a time that revolves around someone else’s likes.

Chances are you are having one of two reactions to this.

One, being a realization of a change you need to make.

The other and most likely incorrect thought is that you don’t struggle with this.

Most likely you are wrong.

A life worth living involves others’ dreams.

You let other people experience their dream first and my bet is you will not regret it.

You may now be asking, What does being selfish have to do with a Fully Devoted Family?

Answer: Everything.

Try it out for a week. Think less about you. More about God, your spouse, friends.

Full Devotion requires a pliable heart. Selfish hearts aren’t pliable.

Director of Development

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15 thoughts on “3 Reasons why I’m Tired of Being SELFISH

  1. I love it. What an amazing experience. Thank you for doing something totally for me. And thank you for writing this as it encourages me to be more others-focused. I answered “yes” to your selfish quiz. Something God has been working on me and was confirmed through this! Thank you….and I adore you:)

    • Arvil, we missed you at Starbucks this morning! Thanks for the comment and can’t wait till this post is used against me on our future trips.

  2. Josh, enjoyed your post. Selfish begins when we fail to pay attention to and support the most important roles in our lives. You hit this nail on the head. My best time goes to the roles I value the most. Sorry to hear that Aly beat you!

    • Jim, Thanks for reading. Thanks for rubbing it in that Aly beat me. I am just glad to know that there are others out there that way out-kicked the coverage!

  3. Thanks for sharing this Josh, you have really opened my heart and eyes to give more time to my husband and girls . Life is like a vapor here on this earth so I’m going to try to make more family memories as I possibly can . Thanks again for inspiring both Aly and yourself to inspire so many others . What a wonderful ministry God has given both of you !!!