4 Ways Money Has Helped Our Marriage

All marriages have something in common – they all have to deal with money. And unfortunately, over 50% of divorces are primarily over financial disputes.

Joey and I have been married almost 11 years, and to this day, the biggest blow-out fights we have had have been over money issues. Joey is what Dave Ramsey would call a “budget nerd.” He crunches numbers and plays with spreadsheets in Excel like a teenager on Xbox. I, on the other hand, am what Dave Ramsey calls the “free spirit.” Money burns right through my pockets.

Despite our vastly different upbringings and views on money, we have found that finances actually bring us together and make our marriage stronger.


• We communicate with each other. When we regularly discuss finances, we discuss the state of our family, our expectations, our worries, our victories, and our goals.

• We hold each other accountable. We keep each other in check with selfish spending, tithing, saving, and teaching our children good stewardship. We know that everything we have is God’s.

• We work together. We both give input and mutually agree on our monthly budget. We set goals and get to celebrate when we reach them. Even the greatest trials in our marriage have been working together through financial difficulties.

• We trust each other. We are honest with each other about our expectations and spending. With our day-to-day financial decisions out in the open, we know there is nothing to hide and at the end of the day, we can have peace with each other.

Do these points mean we never disagree about money? Certainly not.

But we realize the real problem with money comes when we do a poor job of communicating about it.

Don’t let money issues become the cause of your relational breakdown.

How do financial issues affect your marriage?

How can you do better at communicating with your spouse about money?

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2 thoughts on “4 Ways Money Has Helped Our Marriage

  1. I think money is always discussed how it can hurt a marriage and how we can avoid those “tough” money discussions. But you put it in a new context. A way that money can bring you closer—thanks for this new outlook.

    Always look forward to your posts!