Celebrating Moms – 5 Roles of My Mom

Head of School at Claiborne Christian School

It does not seem very long ago that I was a little boy scared of the dark. I can still go back more than twenty years to our first home on Briarcliff Road in West Monroe. I would lay in my bed trying to keep my mind from racing.

Then I hear a sweet and soft voice. It is the voice of my mom singing a song that always calmed me and reminded me that I was safe. I know it ended with
the line, “My fathers angels all protect me everywhere”.

Years come and go and life changes, and thank goodness I no longer need her to sing to me in order to combat a fear of the dark. She is still impacting me and leaving a legacy in my life.

IMG_3678I can name at least five roles that my mother has always played, and I pray will always play in my life.

  1. Mother as prayer warrior – I remember walking into my mom’s bedroom and hearing her praying for my brother and me, and for our future. She prayed for a godly wife, and for God’s will in my life when I was still playing tee ball.
  1. Mother as encourager – I believe that I can do incredible things because of the encouragement that I received from my mother. This was not meaningless “you can do it baby” statements, but statements that called out the man and the giftings inside of me.
  1. Mother as listening ear – I was a talker from a very young age, and my mother has listened to a lot of conversations from me. She consistently listened with an open ear and a loving heart. Her willingness to simply listen keeps me going to her even as a 31 year old man to talk to my momma.
  1. Mother as caretaker – One of the greatest gifts of my life has been being cared for and nurtured by a mom who cherished her role as a mother. This has become more meaningful in recent days, as I now get to watch her care for and love my little girl.
  1. Mother as friend – We are long past the days of mom washing my clothes and caring for my other needs. I know that we will never be past the days of friendship. I am so blessed to call one of the Godliest women I know my mom, but as I grow older I love the fact that I call her FRIEND.

To all of the sons and daughters out there: I encourage you to take some time to think about the roles your mother played in your life that will forever impact you.

To all of the mothers out there:487935_10100211614869289_1697395192_n

The roles you play have eternal impact. I hope that you will continue to carry out those roles with integrity and passion as long as you live. You will remain
a mother long after children have left your home.

Happy Mothers Day Renea Guiles Taylor! You continue to be one of the greatest blessings in my life.

Head of School at Claiborne Christian School