How To Unlock Your Husband’s Potential

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What is the #1 deciding factor as to whether your husband reaches his potential?

For me, as a 29 year old man who has been married for almost 8 years, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt how to unlock your husbands potential.

Yes, I can tell you!

So much of a man’s life is defined by what he has failed at.

Sports, job, friendships, parenting, marriage etc.

Men are their own worst critic. They have a running score of where they have dropped the ball.

I can promise you beyond any shadow of a doubt this side of God Almighty, there is only one person who can help your husband become the man God intended him to be.


Is there anyone else who knows how flawed he is? No.

Is there anyone else who knows what he hasn’t done? No.

Is there anyone else who has the keys to him feeling like a winner or a loser? No.

Pretty weighty stuff, huh?

Women are already saddled with a great deal of responsibility, so how in the world can we put this on them too?

Only because it’s the truth.

Feel like you do everything? Start praising him when he helps and watch him do more of it.

Very rarely will a man be anything more than what his wife tells him that he is.

If you are convinced your husband doesn’t do anything good, then he will live up to that exactly.

On the other hand, if you are convinced your husband is a man going after God while being incredibly flawed, then he will in fact be that.

I will be what Aly says I can be. I will do more of what Aly says I am good at.

Aly literally has the keys to what I will become.

She will either join me in my failures or she will encourage me when I do well.

Now you’re thinking, “Josh, you’re 29 you should be over that by now.”

You’re right, in theory, men would not be so vulnerable. Only problem is this: we are.

So instead of harping on the shortcomings of men which this side of a miracle aren’t going away, maybe the idea would be to push them to greatness.

Not with big dreams and thoughts about what they should be doing, but with “Hey babe I noticed you are trying to do more of________for me. It really helps.

Believe it or not, men desire to excel. We want to be great.

Here is to the power of wives!

Last thought, if you wish your husband would do more chores, diapers or whatever else you feel overloaded with then try this:

Notice his awesomeness. If it is 1/100 today would you not throw a party if it was 20/100 in a year?

That would be an incredible improvement!

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Director of Development

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