What Could Happen If You Said Yes?

H.O.S.T. a Group in 50 Days of Transformation.

I invite you to H.O.S.T. a group in our upcoming small group campaign – SIGN UP TODAY!!

Sunday morning I invited every believer at Family Church to sign up to H.O.S.T. a small group in March and April. All you need to do is invite two or three friends from work, your neighborhood, or church to be in your group.

H – have a heart for people

O – open your home, workplace, or coffee shop/restaurant

S – serve a snack

T – turn on the DVD

The seven sessions of this TRANSFORMED series include: being transformed in our Spiritual Health, Physical Health, Mental Health, Emotional Health, Relational Health, Financial Health, and Vocational Health.

Your small group can serve as your “life support system.” An astronaut would never go into space without a life support system. A deep-sea diver would never go to the ocean depths without the support of a team. A soldier doesn’t operate alone, but counts on his squad/platoon to support him as they accomplish their objectives. Your small group should be your support system as you move toward becoming a fully devoted disciple of Jesus Christ!

Sign up today to H.O.S.T. a group that:

  1. Studies the Word of God together.
  2. Learns how to love one another.
  3. Eats together.
  4. Prays for one other.
  5. Encourages one another.

All of this is spelled out in Acts 2:42-47.

What do you do now? You are making a seven-session commitment, not a two year or lifetime commitment.

  • Email Renea Taylor at rgtaylor@familychurch.org and sign up to H.O.S.T. a group.
  • Come Wednesday night, January 28, at 7 pm for all the details of getting your group started in five weeks.

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