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In a creative team meeting which is led by Pastor Arvil Ogle, we were talking about upcoming services at FC. As the team was preparing for this week’s message, God is Love, there was a great deal to talk about.

The talk of Love came up as we continued to discuss our current series, ‘God Is’. Pastor Beck asked us if we had seen the Drop Box video.  A few of us had seen it and the conversation moved on to discuss the next few weeks services.

This video and topic has stayed with me since then for a couple reasons. One, of course Aly and I are eagerly anticipating the birth of our very own baby. A baby that we have the opportunity to be parents to because the birth mom chose life.

The other is the fact that I cannot imagine what this full movie will be. The clip you will see in a second is just a glimpse. The man in the video talks about a mom wanting to poison her and her baby.

As our apartment has continued to be filled with clothes for our little girl I have continued to think of how or where the Drop Box video could be used. Today, Pastor Beck shared a message about God is Love. When you watch this video you can’t help but see that this is indeed love.

Watch this video:

If for some reason you do not see the option to press play in the video above, CLICK HERE to play.

You guys, let’s go love.

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