What If The Blessings Were Gone?

I don’t know about you but I hear people throw around the word contentment all the time.

What is contentment? Well let me go ahead and let you know that I am not going to give you a definition of contentment at any point in this post.

I plan to simply share my current thoughts on contentment as Aly and I strive to set our life up in a way that contentment is more consistent.

So many times we view contentment as a destination. I don’t honestly think it is something you achieve one time and then have forever. I believe it is something you have to constantly check the temperature of.

Right now what I am using as a scorecard of sorts is this.

If all the blessings I have were gone would I still be content?

Let me give a little detail to that. If all of a sudden the need for an entrepreneurial male with a BBA and a willingness to ask anybody anything goes down and I am looking for a job, would I be ok?

If both of our vehicles died and we had to go get a cash car to split because I had no job, would I be ok?

If we lose our house, our investments and have to move in with one of our parents until I can straighten things out, would I be ok?

Too many times we say we will be content when we get this or that. When we reach this milestone or that milestone. That is a lie of the devil.

No thing will ever solve what my soul craves. No job milestone or achievement will solve what my soul craves.

The only thing that will truly provide lasting contentment is my relationship with God. From there everything else flows.

So on this Monday measure your real contentment. If all the blessings were gone would you still be content?

Is your identity wrapped up so tightly in things and achievements? If so, contentment for you will be an unreachable, unfindable, moving target.

I am way more interested in being content if I lost it all. To still know God loves me. He made me. He is proud of my heart not my achievements.

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2 thoughts on “What If The Blessings Were Gone?

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! That is what came to my mind when I read your post. I have told you before Josh, and I’m telling you again…..I love your heart and how it beats for God. I love your desire to please and follow Him, no matter the situation. You minister to me and give me hope, even when I can’t imagine it myself. We are praying for you. We love you. Rob and Sharon