Join Your Church Family For A Chance To SERVE!

There is such excitement at Family Church as we build up to an incredible Easter weekend!

An exciting part of that is going to happen this week as we reach out to over 1,000 households around our property.

Here is how YOU can participate –

We have 3 opportunities for you to join a Serve team this week to pass out door hangers.


  1. Monday at 6:00pm
  2. Friday at 6:00pm
  3. Saturday at 8:30am

We will meet in the RDFC parking lot where you will be given a group and a nearby neighborhood to walk through and pass out door hangers.

Each of these times you will meet with a staff member who will answer any and all questions you may have.

Possible concerns –

  • Don’t want to knock on doors?
    • No worries! We are not knocking, we are simply placing the door hangers on the doors and moving on.
  • It may not be safe!
    • We will only be doing this in daylight, and we will be in groups.
  • What if they don’t end up attending our Easter service? Did we waste our time?
    • Absolutely not! Plus, most people that never a attend church are simply waiting to be invited.

These door hangers will be a very personal way for our community to be invited to an incredible Easter service at Family Church!

We are excited about what God is going to do this week and weekend at Family Church. As we prepare our hearts for the celebration of Easter, let us also serve and give others the opportunity to share in the celebration of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection!

Won’t you join us in reaching those that may be waiting on your invitation?

Director of Development

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