A Reminder About Easter – The Day After

What an incredible day at Family Church!

This being our first Easter as parents certainly made the day carry a new weight. As Aly and I sat and talked last night, we both sadly acknowledged that we felt we had let our life (a 3 week newborn) dictate some of our schedule leading up to Easter.

We both mentioned that we wish we had done a bit more preparing our hearts for this weekend and especially Sunday.

Very quickly though we realized it wasn’t too late. It’s never too late (if you’re breathing) to make it matter.

So as I have spent time today looking and thinking about this post, I just kept coming back to the idea of what could I do to make sure that the day after Easter isn’t just a day, any normal day?

I have watched quite a few videos from this author, so I decided I would see if he had anything that was good. Sure enough he did.

I encourage you to watch this video and listen to the things Jefferson says. Especially the emphasis that we are being used to make His word come true.

The gospel and the Easter/Resurrection story is really quite simple, and I love how he shows that. You won’t regret watching this!

I hope you enjoyed this, and let’s not forget the part we play and the importance of being a New Creation!

We have the opportunity to live out the Easter story, every day! If you didn’t prepare your heart as you would have wished, start today. The day after Easter. And every day after that.

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