Easter and Family

Yesterday, Renea brought in the Easter cards for me to sign for my parents and her parents. I immediately thought about the impact of being raised in a Christian home where Easter was the foundation of our lives.

Joe and Mava Taylor taught me from my youngest days that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ was the most important part of life – the eternal part of life. I hunted for Easter eggs, wore funny looking suits (they were perfect, Mother!), but was clearly taught that I needed to know Jesus in order to be saved.

When I reached the age of understanding in Houston, Mississippi, I was in church when an altar call was given. And to this day, I clearly remember asking Jesus to take away my sins.

Here are the words that I put in my card to my parents:

Daddy and Mother, 
A very Happy Easter to the two people most instrumental in pointing me to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! Thanks for providing me with a home that will pay eternal dividends for me, my children, my grandchildren, and on and on…until He returns!
I love you, 

I’m a 55 year old man with grown children, three grandchildren, and two more on the way. What a responsibility I feel to pass onto these future generations – the special Easter gift that was given to me!

I then reflected on what I would put in the card to Renea’s parents:

Cecil and Joyce, 
Happy Easter! Thank you for raising a daughter, mother, and grandmother who has a true personal relationship with our risen Savior! The foundation of faith the two of you poured into her is making an eternal difference generation after generation…
I love you both, 

Easter is such an important day in the life of a church. My dad is 81 years old and pastors Ladd Springs Church of God just outside Cleveland, Tennessee. I will not be there with them, but from what I experienced growing up in my parent’s home, the church will look its very best on this Sunday morning, March 27. There will be great effort and attention to make the people who visit on this Sunday feel welcomed and important. 

That turns my attention to Family Church this Sunday, March 27. Our attendance has been growing rapidly and this Sunday will likely be “standing room only” with all the new people we expect to have for our Easter service.

Those of us that already have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ have such a great responsibility this Sunday.

We will be asked to:

SERVE – many of us will be greeting, directing parking, holding babies, teaching children, leading in worship, serving on security teams, or just being Jesus to new people that enter our Worship Center.

SITTING – we will give up our preferred seat this Sunday to make room for people that walk in a little nervous about coming to church. We so desire to make it easy for them to find a seat.

FRIENDS – we will help people see that we desire to be more than just a friendly church. Instead, we want to be a place new people leave convinced they could find friends to do life with at Family Church.

I pray that I will need to stand up all service long this Sunday so that someone who doesn’t know Christ, or have the Christian background that I have, will have the opportunity to hear the message of Easter! I want other families to begin passing their faith to another generation.

Terry Taylor

Reminder: if you haven’t passed your Easter invite card to someone, please do so right now!

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One thought on “Easter and Family

  1. Just now reading your post Terry. Great thoughts, thanks for sharing your personal notes to your parents. That challenges me to step up my game. I really liked the part about standing during the whole service. We didn’t have to but I would have been thrilled for that to be the case.