A Reminder About Easter – The Day After

What an incredible day at Family Church!

This being our first Easter as parents certainly made the day carry a new weight. As Aly and I sat and talked last night, we both sadly acknowledged that we felt we had let our life (a 3 week newborn) dictate some of our schedule leading up to Easter.

We both mentioned that we wish we had done a bit more preparing our hearts for this weekend and especially Sunday.

Very quickly though we realized it wasn’t too late. It’s never too late (if you’re breathing) to make it matter.

So as I have spent time today looking and thinking about this post, I just kept coming back to the idea of what could I do to make sure that the day after Easter isn’t just a day, any normal day?

I have watched quite a few videos from this author, so I decided I would see if he had anything that was good. Sure enough he did.

I encourage you to watch this video and listen to the things Jefferson says. Especially the emphasis that we are being used to make His word come true.

The gospel and the Easter/Resurrection story is really quite simple, and I love how he shows that. You won’t regret watching this!

I hope you enjoyed this, and let’s not forget the part we play and the importance of being a New Creation!

We have the opportunity to live out the Easter story, every day! If you didn’t prepare your heart as you would have wished, start today. The day after Easter. And every day after that.

It’s Easter Weekend! That’s A BIG Deal!

In a few short days we will all break out our fancy pastel clothes, knee-high socks, and suspenders.

Okay, maybe not. So those were the outfits I remember seeing and wearing as a little boy growing up in church. Aly will probably not allow me to wear shorts or knee high socks on Sunday morning. Guess I shouldn’t test that theory.

We will however be there early and ready to welcome the visitors that will show up. Why?

Because Easter is an event to be excited about. This is a weekend we get to celebrate a Risen Lord.

Pastor Beck will kick off a series of messages titled “Overcomers: Hope Changes Everything!”

Here is a short video to give you an idea of why hope is such a big deal –

The message of Easter is HOPE.

Don’t forget – You have 3 more opportunities to join a serve team to reach our local community and invite them to our Easter service.

The times are:

  • Thursday at 6pm
  • Friday at 6pm
  • Saturday at 8:30am

We will meet in the RDFC parking lot and leave in groups from there as we place door hanger Easter invites on homes throughout our community.

It may just be that friendly face they see or just that invitation on their door that makes the difference in their eternity. I say that MATTERS, don’t you?

Let us begin preparing our hearts as we celebrate our RISEN king!

Join Your Church Family For A Chance To SERVE!

There is such excitement at Family Church as we build up to an incredible Easter weekend!

An exciting part of that is going to happen this week as we reach out to over 1,000 households around our property.

Here is how YOU can participate –

We have 3 opportunities for you to join a Serve team this week to pass out door hangers.


  1. Monday at 6:00pm
  2. Friday at 6:00pm
  3. Saturday at 8:30am

We will meet in the RDFC parking lot where you will be given a group and a nearby neighborhood to walk through and pass out door hangers.

Each of these times you will meet with a staff member who will answer any and all questions you may have.

Possible concerns –

  • Don’t want to knock on doors?
    • No worries! We are not knocking, we are simply placing the door hangers on the doors and moving on.
  • It may not be safe!
    • We will only be doing this in daylight, and we will be in groups.
  • What if they don’t end up attending our Easter service? Did we waste our time?
    • Absolutely not! Plus, most people that never a attend church are simply waiting to be invited.

These door hangers will be a very personal way for our community to be invited to an incredible Easter service at Family Church!

We are excited about what God is going to do this week and weekend at Family Church. As we prepare our hearts for the celebration of Easter, let us also serve and give others the opportunity to share in the celebration of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection!

Won’t you join us in reaching those that may be waiting on your invitation?

Praise and Worship At Family Church

To change things up a bit this week here is the praise and worship from our service at FC this past Sunday.

Just like our normal podcast episode you can simply press play on the video below and enjoy praise and worship from the FC praise team.

You can go to familychurch.org anytime and not only watch our Sunday services but you can listen and watch praise and worship also.

Have a great Wednesday!

What If The Blessings Were Gone?

I don’t know about you but I hear people throw around the word contentment all the time.

What is contentment? Well let me go ahead and let you know that I am not going to give you a definition of contentment at any point in this post.

I plan to simply share my current thoughts on contentment as Aly and I strive to set our life up in a way that contentment is more consistent.

So many times we view contentment as a destination. I don’t honestly think it is something you achieve one time and then have forever. I believe it is something you have to constantly check the temperature of.

Right now what I am using as a scorecard of sorts

Wrap Up: Did You Miss Any Of Our ‘God Is’ Series?

Good News!

If you missed any of our services over the past few weeks then you missed an incredible chance to hear about what God Is.

Here’s the good news…

All of those services are just a click away!

Click below to see a list of these services and you can choose to watch and listen or just listen.

We even have all of the outlines ready for you to follow along.

Click Here To Watch Now!

Podcast Ep: 059 | 1 Trick To Cure Worry!

I don’t know about you but I have a great deal of things happening in my life right now.

If I am not careful it becomes all about me. Worry works that way.

In today’s podcast episode I tell you about one practical trick I use and have used in the last 2 weeks to get my thoughts off of my problems and turn that time into encouragement for others.

I hope you have a great day!


Scared of Being Hurt? Is that Selfish – I think YES! Read below…

This is a Guest Post by Nicki Olinde. She is wife to Chad, mom to Griff, teacher, leader and now foster mom. You can catch up with her on Instagram or contact her by Email at nicki.olinde@claibornechristian.org.

“You need to make sure you have a lice kit on hand; inspect any belongings they bring for tiny critters.” This was one of the warnings we received during our training to become certified foster parents.

So, we were prepared. Just like I was prepared before our son was born 16 years ago. I had cassette tapes recorded with perfect labor and deliver music and a well-thought-out birth plan. So, yeah, despite my preparation, NOTHING went according to plan, and I quickly realized that many things were out of my control.

Last week, the extra room was ready, all recommended supplies on hand, a new stuffed animal on the bed to comfort a nameless, faceless hurting child. Still, as we stood on the porch waiting for the caseworker to “make the drop,” we were overwhelmed with all of the unknowns, again things that were completely out of our control.

My mind raced with questions: Would he be sad, angry? Would he run to us or run from us? What is his favorite color? Would he like my cooking? Wait, I don’t cook.

Then, the side door of that mini-van opened, and EVERYTHING seemed to grow quiet and still. I remember the same exact feeling when I lay on the C-section table and heard Griffith’s muffled little cry for the first time. It was as though the world stood still and my heart was flooded with this supernatural love, joy, & peace in an instant. Last Tuesday, when I saw that little face grinning at me, when his skinny little five-year-old

What is The Drop Box? |Adoption | Orphanage

In a creative team meeting which is led by Pastor Arvil Ogle, we were talking about upcoming services at FC. As the team was preparing for this week’s message, God is Love, there was a great deal to talk about.

The talk of Love came up as we continued to discuss our current series, ‘God Is’. Pastor Beck asked us if we had seen the Drop Box video.  A few of us had seen it and the conversation moved on to discuss the next few weeks services.

This video and topic has stayed with me since then for a couple reasons. One, of course Aly and I are eagerly anticipating the birth of our very own baby. A baby that we have the opportunity to be parents to because the birth mom chose life.

The other is the fact that I cannot imagine what this full movie will be. The clip you will see in a second is just a glimpse. The man in the video talks about a mom wanting to poison her and her baby.

As our apartment has continued to be filled with clothes for our little girl I have continued to think of how or where the Drop Box video could be used. Today, Pastor Beck shared a message about God is Love. When you watch this video you can’t help but see that this is indeed love.

Watch this video:

If for some reason you do not see the option to press play in the video above, CLICK HERE to play.

You guys, let’s go love.