Getting Ready For Summer…From a Woman’s Perspective

Wife | Mom

As summer approaches, I find myself getting very anxious about my outward appearance.

We have a beach trip planned and fun play dates around the pool will be scheduled. But, all of this “fun” requires me to take off my sweat pants and XXXXL t-shirt!

The great thing is that the beauty of summer does cause my body to crave more fruits and fresh salads, as well as looking forward to going to the park for trail walks and fun times on the playground.

However, summer also brings with it (for some of us) …pressure! Pressure to “look” a certain

Our Perfect Instagram Marriage

Director of Development

We all know what the perfect marriage on Instagram and Facebook looks like. The perfect, physically fit, beautiful parents, with the kids laughing so effortlessly in the perfect setting.

We look at these people and idolize them. They look cool, or beautiful, or funny, or smart, or just plain fun.

What I have come to realize is that these people do not have the perfect job or family, as it appears. So why do we compare ourselves to these people?

We all know couples who portray everything to be the perfect picture of life, only to find out they’re about to divorce. How does that happen? Didn’t they just show a picture of them kissing last month? I don’t get it.

Here’s the truth:

If your marriage is half as good as our marriage appears to be on Instagram then you should write a book.

The problem is not Instagram or Facebook. It just so happens that social media gives us a great picture of how we live.

Do people around you know what you don’t put on social media? Are we all walking around with the idea that no one knows we’re struggling?

I wish Instagram had another button or two available. Maybe a ‘You have no idea the argument that went on before this smile pic’ button.

Now more than ever, we can be the most fake people on the earth. We can show our pretty, perfect happy lives and it be a total facade.

Then there are the other people (all of us can relate) who can feel like

Help! I’m Single!

Family Ministry Staff Member/ The Way College Ministry Director

In my experience of working with single adults, I have found one common thread that seems to run throughout. Almost all of them are in a deep state of resentment toward their singleness.

I often hear things like, “I am so lonely I’m just miserable.” Sadly, these people have bought into the lie of the culture, which paints the picture of singleness as a curse.

Thinking about it often leads many to desperation and a “woe is me” mentality that permeates every area of life. Surely, there must be a better perspective on this issue.

Does the Bible offer help or any advice for

Will Your Family Be Connected This Christmas?

Are you Connected

This season is one of my favorite times of the year! The cooler temperatures, football, hunting season, the beautifully changing colors of the leaves, the smells of harvest candles. These are just a few of the things that cause me to love this special time of the year so much!

However, it isn’t these things alone that make them so special, but the opportunities they allow by making memories and experiences with those “in my world.” These will be great opportunities for connecting with your own nuclear family, as well as with the “family of God.”

Connecting with your nuclear family:

The Bible says in Proverbs 18:16, “Giving a gift can open doors; it gives access to important people!”

Who else is more important in “your world” than those

Thank you very Much

Elder at Family Church | CFO of D&J Construction Company and Ouachita Terminals

thank you very much

Ladies and gentlemen
On behalf of all the people who have assembled here
I would merely like to mention if I may
That our unanimous attitude
Is one of lasting gratitude
For what our friend has done for us today
And therefore I would simply like to say

Thank you very much

Often, one of the exercises that life coaches suggest as a way to determine your mission statement for life is to envision what you would like to have said about you at your funeral.  I have attempted to do this on a number of occasions, but I generally come up