The World’s Greatest Journey…

The journey towards knowing who God is the greatest journey on which we will ever embark. This month at Family Church we will look closely at what knowing God and His attributes are all about.

Who in your life knows you best? Who in your life knows the real you? Do you have friends that know you at different levels according to the closeness of your relationship? How well do your children, other family members, and your spouse know you? Do some people think they know you better than they actually do?

Lead Pastor, Beck Payne, told us Sunday that as long as we don’t know who God is, we will never know what true life is or who we can be; and, we will never know what God is like or understand

What Could Happen If You Said Yes?

H.O.S.T. a Group in 50 Days of Transformation.

I invite you to H.O.S.T. a group in our upcoming small group campaign – SIGN UP TODAY!!

Sunday morning I invited every believer at Family Church to sign up to H.O.S.T. a small group in March and April. All you need to do is invite two or three friends from work, your neighborhood, or church to be in your group.

H – have a heart for people

O – open your home, workplace, or coffee shop/restaurant

S – serve a snack

T – turn on the DVD

The seven sessions of this TRANSFORMED series include: being transformed in our Spiritual Health, Physical Health, Mental Health, Emotional Health, Relational Health, Financial Health, and Vocational Health.

Your small group can serve as your “life support system.” An astronaut would never go into space without a life support system. A deep-sea diver would never go to the ocean depths without the support

Imagine Your World If You Resolved To Live Righteously…

Today, our founding pastor, Michael O’Neal shared part 3 of our current series, Resolve.

Imagine with me what your world would be like if you resolved to live righteously.

Think of a few things that would be different in your world.

Here are the first two thoughts Pastor O’Neal gave us:

  1. It’s never too late to make a move toward righteousness!
  2. If you strive to truly live righteously, you will truly live!

Below you will find the entire outline from today’s message.

Also, here are a few questions for you to think about this week as you hopefully make a move toward living righteously.

  1. What personal habits (or lack thereof) are stopping you from taking steps toward living righteously?
  2. Write down the names of two people that would benefit from this change in your life.

Resolve | God First Living | Part 2

Starting with this post, we will begin to give you some questions to take away from our Sermon Recaps.

Why? We want you to dig deeper, to take an opportunity for this material to be active in your life past Sunday.

Here are this week’s discussion questions:

  1. Understanding that we must give our best to God, what comes to mind that you will do this week to give God your best?
  2. Giving our talents to God and His people is also a must. What talents could you give to help God’s people in your community this week?

We hope you take the opportunity to truly dig into God’s Word throughout the week.

Each week will be a bit different. We may have a custom sermon recap from a staff member’s point of view. The next, we may have a video recap. No matter what form or fashion, our goal for this is to give you different ways to continue to connect to God.

This week, I have included the outline from Pastor Beck’s message yesterday. Included are

Resolve | God First Living | Part 1

Pastor Beck challenged everyone that is a part of Family Church to RESOLVE to live God-First in all of 2015! We all only have one life to live, and the one life we live here on earth will echo throughout eternity.

We all face enemies to “God-first living.” We will be tempted to put ourselves first, put others first and/or put other things before God. 1 John 5:21 states, “Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts.”

God-first living can only flow out of a heart where God is dwelling. Whoever and whatever has your heart – has your life.

Matthew 22:36-40 “Teacher, which is the most important commandment in the law

Hello Christmas Part 4

Pastor Stravato closed out our Christmas series, Hello Christmas, with his message, Twas the Days After Christmas!

He began by reminding us that we can love Christmas from a human perspective with all the traditions associated with it, and we can love Christmas from a redemptive perspective—realizing that God bought us from darkness, death and destruction with the precious birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is filled with deep emotions, both good and bad, and the days after Christmas can be very difficult.

We can deal with those days successfully by reminding ourselves of what Christmas really is…God’s greatest gift to the world (John 3:16).

Christ’s message to each of us in this and every Christmas season is that what is good and precious in our lives doesn’t ever need to be lost. and what is evil and undesirable in our lives can be changed.

Paul tells us in Galatians 5:22-23 that the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

There is no law against these things!

Pastor Stravato closed by telling us that Jesus Christ came into this world on Christmas so that He could deal with our past, heal our past, and keep our past in the past.

This should not be a season to be discouraged.

This is a season to be encouraged!

‘Hello Christmas’ Part 3 – Pastor Taylor

It’s only a few days until Christmas!

Not sure about you but we are excited about Christmas and all the memories we will make with family.

This morning we all had the chance to look at how we will treat this Christmas.

Most of us will walk into our family Christmas gatherings with some sort of friction- either from the past or something more current.

The question many people will have to answer is whether or not to take the opportunity to be life giving at Christmas or to treat that gathering as another opportunity to “prove your point”.

Pastor Taylor talked about all the people that make up or had a part in the birth of Jesus as we read it in the Bible.

If we look at our families in somewhat of the same way, chances are we will find different people bring different purposes.

Just as each person, animal and angel played an integral part in the Christmas story, we too can play our part in making this Christmas all about Jesus. Whatever our “piece” is.

How great would it be for us all to love that piece about ourselves and others, instead of taking what could be an

Sermon Re-Cap / RACK’d / Final Scrooge Performance

What an incredible day at FC! Not only did we have an incredible opportunity to hear “part 2” of our December series ‘Hello Christmas,’ but we also had our first chance to see the RACK’d family bags as well as the final performance of Scrooge!

So, let’s start with Part 2 of ‘Hello Christmas!

In his message entitled, ‘Letting Christmas be what Christmas is,” Pastor O’Neal shared with us 4 reasons why Christmas is the most wonderful time of year.

Reason 1 – It reminds us that everything is functioning according to God’s eternal plan.

  • Christmas also tells us that:
    • this world does not function by random choice
    • that none of us are here by accident
    • that we really do matter to God
  • Part of the Christmas story is that in order for us to be adopted as the children of God, Jesus had to be given as the Son of God.

Reason 2 – It reintroduces us (and the world) every year to the God of the New Covenant.

  • When Jesus was born, history was forever changed because man could, now, know God personally and intimately, as a father!

Reason 3 – It renews us on the inside.

Reason 4 – It redeems us from a year of fear, frustration and failure.

  • Christ came into this world as God’s answer to everything that really needs an answer!

If you would like to watch the service from yesterday (Sunday, Dec 14, 2014) Click Here

RACK’d Family Outreach

To learn more about this unique outreach opportunity for this Christmas season, watch this video:

Hello Christmas Part 1 Sermon Re-Cap

Yesterday at Family Church we kicked off our new series, “Hello Christmas!”

Pastor Beck shared part one of this new series with us and the emphasis was on maximizing the moments.

Here were a few notes:

“First, we must make Christ a must this Christmas because He really is the reason for the season.”

“Secondly, we must realize that the Spirit of Christ lives in us, therefore empowering us to embrace and maximize the moments this Christmas.

As we head toward an incredible ending to the year, Pastor Beck emphasized that we take the opportunity this holiday season to do all the things we will wish we had done when it is January.

Why wait for next year to do it right?

Why not make this holiday season a special one? One that is more about loving those around us with our time, energy,  and words.

Here are 5 areas Pastor Beck shared where we can maximize:

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Foreigners
  4. Functions and Festivities
  5. Faith

I don’t know about you but this left me with plenty of thoughts about how I will maximize the moments in my life this holiday season.

Here is the closing thought Pastor Beck left us with: “In order to maximize the moments, you must purposefully seize the moments.”

Make it a point of emphasis in the next few days to identify the moments you will maximize going forward.

Have a great Monday!

Below, you can watch the service from Part 1 of ‘Hello Christmas’.

Reach Out Part 4 Sermon Re-Cap.

Yesterday Pastor Beck finished up our series, “Reach” with the last installment being about Reaching Out.

We have talked about reaching Up, In, and Beyond.

What keeps us from reaching out to the people in our world? (family, friends, coworkers, the poor, etc…)

Pastor Beck gave these 4 reasons:

  1. It’s Inconvenient
  2. It’s Unattractive
  3. It’s a lack of care or concern
  4. It’s not our responsibility

As Pastor went over these reasons I certainly could identify with all of them. So many times it is not an issue of seeing the need to reach out.

More often than not we are making conscious decisions to not reach out.

Matthew 9:35-38

The Need for Workers

35 Jesus traveled through all the towns and villages of that area, teaching in the synagogues and announcing the Good News about the Kingdom. And he healed